Healthcare Mission


A Volunteer Saw a Need

In 2013, a Registered Nurse volunteered at St. Paul’s Food Pantry. While working with the guests, she realized that many of them also had health-related issues and concerns. Recognizing the tremendous need, within weeks she gathered the necessary supplies and resources and inspired a team of nurses and volunteers – and a new ministry was born!

The St. Paul’s Healthcare Mission is staffed with volunteer, experienced, Registered Nurses who are licensed in the state of Kentucky.  They offer a caring, compassionate care and services including:

• Blood pressure screening

• Diabetic blood glucose screening

• Diabetic foot assessments

• Assistance with managing medications


The nurses also provide help with:

•  Mobile Mammography offered twice per year

•  Obtaining prescriptions

•  Diabetic testing supplies

•  Enrolling for health insurance coverage


Hours of Operation

St. Paul’s Healthcare Mission is free to anyone in the community and no appointment is necessary.

Wednesdays:  5:30pm to 7:30pm


Food or Medicine?

A Healthcare Mission guest needed help with cardiac medications, critical to his well being.  He was struggling financially, and having trouble paying for his medication.  He told us, "some months, I buy my medicine, other months, I buy food.  I don't have enough money to buy both!"  Our Healthcare Mission paid for his medication through our nursing ministry funds.  We were also able to get him plugged into a medication assistance program to assist him with medication each month thereafter.  This gentleman was beyond thankful and appreciative and commented "I have never known any ministry to do something so wonderful!"


Right Place -  Just in Time

A guest had an episode where she got lightheaded and passed out while at the pantry. Every time we would try and get her up she would pass out again. Her blood pressure was found to be below normal. Paramedics were called and the guest was treated and released at the hospital. She has been back to see us a couple of times at the Pantry and Healthcare Mission and expressed her appreciation for the care and attention she received.